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What type of food is famous in Russia?

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There are only a few dishes coming from Russian cuisine that have known all across the globe. However, the fact that temperatures in Moscow drop down to -30 degrees C in winter justifies a lot about the use of potatoes, bread, and sour cream. The inclusion of smoked fishes and red and black caviar satisfies the appetite of many individuals. While the Russian dishes have many variants when we eat them on local level, we can only rate them from what was served to us when we ate it. So, here we look at some tasty dishes from Moscow to see what type of food is famous in Russia.


Borsch is among the meals that are originally from Ukraine but the Russians are also very much familiar with it. It is a beet and cabbage red soup is enough to warm a person when the chilly winds of freezy winter are blowing in the country. You will find its variants being served with or without meat, potato, herbs and some may include sour cream and dollop of Smetana. Moreover, in certain restaurants, the dish will come along rye or garlic bread which is topped with melted cheese.

Russian pancakes

When you go to Russian restaurants, you will find Blini as a staple dish. It is a Russian version of the French crepe and its ingredients include buckwheat and while flour. Usually, it is served along the smoked salmon and creamy mushrooms. Sour cream is something that you will find in most of the Russian dishes and jams and condensed milk are a few other things that individuals can expect with Russian pancakes.

Russian salad

So, here is something that individuals tend to find on a number of different menus all over the globe. The Russian salad is among the dishes that have spread all over the globe and there are many chances that you might have tried a version of it in your home country. However, here comes the original one that is fresh and crispy. There is light smattering mayonnaise while other ingredients tend to be very fresh. Diced potato, peas, eggs, and cream are a few other elements that combine to make this amazing salad.


A common dish for dinner in Russia is Stroganoff which is a tasty, smooth, and creamy dish to fill your appetite. There are many variations of it as it comes with a number of different mushrooms. Moreover, hunting or game meats can be involved in it to make the dish more appealing.

Russian dumplings

You might have eaten many dumplings in your life but the Russian version, pelmeni, comes with some very tasty herbs that are added to the meat fillings which can be of lamb, beef, or pork. The dough is thinner than you may expect while the common fillings also include creamy mushrooms and fish. Also, you have a chance to eat them boiled or it can be presented to you in a broth.