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news on twitter

Is Twitter still considered as a good News source?

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 Be it celebrity gossip news, local news or international one, News always finds its way to us and considering this era, it definitely does because Twitter has it all. Twitter may at first be disliked by News channels as it rose in competition in no time, but it has become necessary for them as well. News channels sometimes even post based on Twitter happenings such as the Donald Trump tweets about USA and other issues, not to forget the Mexican wall. Twitter has risen to such a level that the events on it are the news for television channels.

Why is Twitter considered as a good News source?

  • First-hand news

Almost all the politicians and celebrities around the globe, own a twitter account. These accounts are either operated by them or their assistants, in any case, they utilize this platform to connect and deliver their messages through Twitter to their audience directly, avoiding media coverage in general.

Twitter continuously upgrades and refreshes the feeds as soon as new ones arrive, pushing the old ones down. This provides you with a quick first-hand version of references for the events that later are the basis of many news channels breaking news. However, for this, you need to be following the relevant personals, concerning the type of news you look for, Political, Hollywood gossip etc.

  • Help highlight shadowed audience

Some important and relevant campaigns being carried by a small group of people, who may not be able to reach the local media coverage, can voice up on twitter. They can further be heard by a greater audience by using certain hashtags since it is an amazing way to make content go viral on Twitter. Approaching the relevant authority has been made easier through campaigning on Twitter, the authorities are also forced to listen and then take action or else their ignorance will be noticed by the whole world.


  • No filter

Some third world countries have corrupt officials in civil service, who sometimes suppress issues brought to them which may even include unrighteousness by some officials. These issues when heard by people on Twitter, are made viral on purpose for the higher authorities to listen. Many such cases of individuals who have been wronged previously, collect supporters and raise up their cases for the head of the judiciary to take action against.

Some news channels are not able to show some content which is purposely banned by the government. Yet it is harder to put a filter on Twitter, by the Government. Hence all news, confidential or regular, are available on Twitter in their most raw form.

  • Offers reviews by critiques

Famous critiques often put out their complete reviews on twitter as they do on news channel talk shows. News channel talk shows, however, have filters and limitations depending on the type of content but Twitter is free to these chains. These reviews also help multiple brands in gaining exposure and customers. For example, if a news channel buy twitter followers cheap from tweetnfollow, then it can act as a boost start. Similar benefits are also taken by small and medium enterprises.

From breaking news and viral content to critique reviews, Twitter has it all on one platform. To be heard and be aware of the latest happenings, twitter indeed is an excellent News source.

Written by

Irene Johnson