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How to get Canadian immigration?

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When we talk about immigrating to a new country, there are a few requirements that one has to satisfy. It is a tough ask to move from your home country to any other country. And when you are looking to settle in Canada, there are various options for immigration available to you. So, it is important that you select the right one and fulfill all the requirements to become a permanent resident. Yet, the authorities have the final say. However, when it comes to how to get Canadian immigration, here are 4 common ways.

Express entry

The express entry was announced back in 2015 by the federal government of Canada. It is an application management system which tackles with all the federal controlled processes of economic immigration. There are thousands of individuals and families who have been invited to apply and be a permanent resident of the country.

Right now, express entry is the branch which deals with federal skilled worker, Canadian experience class, federal skilled trades program, and a few of the provincial nominee programs. The applicants are asked to apply for one of the streams and expression of interest is required to be submitted along with the documents after which individuals are shortlisted and invited to express entry pool.

Provincial nominee programs

There are 10 provinces in Canada and each of them have command over their immigration program. The provincial nominee programs can be considered as they are ideal for the individuals who have worked recently in Canada or are working on a work permit. Also, people who are shortlisted for express entry pool or have any connection to a certain province regarding studies, job, or work experience, are also encouraged to apply. Moreover, if your family member lives in a certain province, the application can be submitted to PNPs which can further be assisted by your relative.

Quebec immigration

Quebec is one of the ten provinces in Canada but is much more commanding when it comes to the immigration policies. Right now, there is no alignment of Quebec immigration with express entry pool. You can choose to apply directly to Quebec under skilled worker program, experience class, or business immigration. A two step process is in place where you first apply to the Quebec government and attain a CSQ (Quebec selection certificate). Then you submit the application to federal government for review where it is made sure that a person has no medical or criminal ineligibility when it comes to entering Canada.

Family sponsorship

The family reunification is the second largest way of gaining a Canadian immigration. If you have a spouse or a child who is currently a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, he or she can act as a sponsor for you as you apply for Canadian immigration. One can attain a spousal sponsorship, parent sponsorship, and grandparent sponsorship for a permanent residence request. However, it is important to prove that the relationship is genuine and appropriate documentation is required to assure that there is no falsifying in application.