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All you need about Eminem adopted daughter, Alaina Marie Mathers

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Alaina Marie Mathers is famous as the adopted daughter of rap king, Eminem. Her birth name was Amanda Marie Scott and her nickname is Lenny. Eminem mentioned her nickname in his hit songs as he also often calls her with this name. Eminem changed her name when he and his then-wife Kim Scott adopted her. He decided to own her when her mother Dawn Scott was faced with the serious legal issue due to her drug addiction. He is a kind-hearted man and he tried his best to keep her away from the influence of Dawn Scott but she met with her mother from time to time. She was born in 1993 and adopted by Kim Scott and Eminem when she was in her childhood. Eminem got the full custody of Alaina when the duo got divorced in 2006. Eminem’s fans have always been found to know about his family especially his daughters. Here we will discuss the life biography of Eminem’s adopted daughter, Alaina Mathers.

Early life:

The early life of Alaina was more than a roller-coaster ride as her mother was drug addicted and her father was not identified. Her mother couldn’t identify her biological father until her death. Her mother was the twin sister of Kim Scott who was the ex-wife of Eminem. Eminem and Kim put a lot of efforts in bringing her mother out of the traps of heroin addiction but Dawn was a nonstop intake of drugs. Dawn’s volatile behavior consequently led her to death. Then Eminem decided to take Alaina under his guardianship and got her full custody despite Dawn’s tries to take her daughter.

Life as Alaina Mathers

However, she had troubled childhood due to her drug-addicted mother but her life changed when she joined Eminem’s family. Now she is living stress-free life with her father and two sisters Hailie and Whitney. Hailie is the biological daughter of Kimberly and Eminem while Whitney is the biological daughter of Kim from her brief relationship with Eric Hartter. Eminem raises her like his real daughter.

Alaina’s personal life

While the rapper mentioned his beloved daughters in his famous hit songs but he doesn’t like to discuss his personal life with media and the general public. He tries his best to keep his family out of the limelight. There is a lot of influence on Eminem in Alaina‘s life. Alaina Marie Mathers has also inherited the quality of her father and keeps a low key life. So there is no information about her private and love life.

Alaina’s net worth

Alaina is enjoying a lavish life as her father is one of the richest rappers of the world. He made the headlines when he bought necklaces for each of his daughters by paying $375,000. However, there is no authentic information about her net worth but her father’s estimated net worth is $190 million that proves how much extravagant her life is.


Alaina Marie Mathers is residing with Eminem and her two sisters in his house and living a happy and lavish life. Leave a comment and let us know how her life inspires you?