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5 travel destinations on low budget

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Going to a good destination is a dream for everyone who is stepping out to travel. If you are new to the travelling world, you might be unaware of how you have to go about your budget. Moreover, certain individuals look up to destinations where they won’t have to spend too much and even if they do spend a good deal of money things still don’t exceed the budget limitations. So, after a careful filtering, here are 5 travel destinations on low budget. Do note that you may find some other good places that are highly affordable.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The after effects of war are still present to some extent in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, considering that you will be visiting a European country, it is pretty cheap and offers you a lot to see. There are beautiful scenes, green mountains, where turquoise rivers are flowing along. You have vineyards where you can spend some time and waterfalls which you can see to satisfy your tourism. The country offers you a mixture of Eastern and Western influence. Whether it be accommodation, food, or sightseeing, it is surprisingly affordable.


Colombia is a developed Andean nation and is one of the safer ones to visit. Compared to other countries that fall in the same category, it might feel a bit costly to visit. However, when you are offered mountain ranges and green valleys, coffee bushes and colonial towns, with a touch of beaches and jungles, as well as ancient ruins and beaches, you can pay a little to see things around. Still, it is one of the most budget friendly destinations where meals and accommodation is available at very affordable prices.


Romania is listed as a place that has a lot to offer to the visitors. There are medieval towns and countryside villages, with forests where you can find a few bears and wolves still roaming around. The food is delicious and breathtaking historical castles still stand to this date. The accommodation is available in average hotels for about $30 and food generally costs around $5. Travelling by train is a good pick as it is perhaps the cheapest mode to move around in the country. Despite the fact that it is a bit slow, many visitors prefer it.


Many people know Cambodia because of the famous Angkor Wat but there is much more for you to visit. The historical temples and stunning beaches such as Koh Rong are available at your disposal. Whatever you want is available at a cheap price in Cambodia. Even the primary cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap offer you good value for money and the delicious food can be bought at about $5.

Sri Lanka

This small island gives you numerous archaeological sites to visit. There is a mountain landscape with tea plantation growing in the area. Beaches and temples are among the favorite places of tourists and is becoming increasingly popular with the travelers. Listed at #1 in the list of ‘best in travel’ by lonely planet, you can get tasty food and comfortable accommodation as well as transportation all covered for only a few dollars.

Written by

Irene Johnson