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10 types of diet for sugar patients

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When it comes to having sugar the patients have to restrict their diet a lot in order to prevent the illness from spreading. Many people don’t know what to do, they just keep on taking medicine without tweaking their diet which is the most important thing to do especially when you are not healthy and is suffering from a disease. This article will discuss 10 different types of diet which the sugar patients should carry on in their life to stay healthy.

The first thing to add in your diet is the Fatty Fish. It is the healthiest food item in the world. The main component in this diet is the Omega-3 Fatty Acids DHA and EPA which is present is the Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Herring and Anchovies. This type of diet is great and very important for the sugar patients who have an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Different studies done on this particular type of diet shows that the having this diet regularly lowers the risk of heart failure and the person is less likely to die from any heart disease. This diet is also great in protein which increase the metabolic rate and the energy of a person.

The second thing to add in your diet is the Leafy Vegetables. These leafy green vegetables are high in nutrition and low in calories. Spinach and Kale are part of this leafy green category which are really good for increasing vitamins and minerals inside the human body. This diet is a great source for antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. These specific antioxidants are good for protection of your eyes from macular degeneration and cataracts, which are very common among sugar patients.

The third thing to add in your diet is the Cinnamon which is a spice. It is good for lowering blood sugar level and improve the insulin sensitivity in the sugar patients. Eggs are also very important which is the fourth thing to add in the diet. Eggs decrease the inflammation, increase the HDL cholesterol which is good for sugar patients.

The fifth type of diet for sugar patients is the Chia Seeds. It is extremely high in fiber and low in digestible carbs. It also lowers the sugar levels by slowing down the absorption of food. It also reduces hunger. The sixth thing to add in diet is Turmeric which is a spice which is also good for lowering inflammation and blood sugar levels due to which it reduces the risk of heart diseases.

The seventh type of diet is the Greek Yogurt. This type of dairy is good for sugar patients because it improves the blood sugar level. It is because of the probiotics present in the Greek yogurt. The eighth thing to add in the diet is the nuts. These are all delicious and are very healthy to eat.

Last two things to add are the Broccoli and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Both of these reduces the blood sugar levels and improves the health of sugar patients.