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Our Customers Say

Sisco 02/09/2015

I received the order ok,everythings good thanks

Markus 02/05/2015

Thanks again for keeping on top of my order, not many merchants would go the “Extra Mile”. Much Appreciated! 

Davis 02/03/2015

Just wanted you to know - your cigarettes are great - American cigarettes suck, to many chemicals in them, they actually make me sick!

Julia R. Harmon 02/01/2015

I'm very happy with all of my orders so far and look forward to continuing to do business with you in the future.

roland 01/30/2015

Thank you for your diligent follow-up on my order. Yes, I did receive the order in full, in a very timely manner, and in good condition.

Ole 01/26/2015

I have received my shipment. All is accounted for and in good order. Thank you very much.

Elina Huuskonen 01/24/2015

hi i just wanted to let you know that i got a package today 1/12/24 hopefully the other one will come soon.

Najya Ghusoon Naifeh 01/23/2015

As usual - doing business with you is a pleasure. I can always depend  on more than fair results.

Tanja Brauer 01/22/2015

Balance received today. Thank you!

Kahlest 01/21/2015

I have received my complete order.  Thank you.

teresa 01/20/2015

Received. Thanks

RdZa 01/19/2015

Just received the order, numbers match, contents correct, no damage, thanks  for the great customer support!!

JK Lang 01/17/2015

Package received

Wendy Moon 01/15/2015

One box arrived today. I will keep my postal clerk on the look out for the other box. 

Vickie 01/15/2015

Got it, will pick up Monday, thanks Scott

lubin 01/14/2015

Received 1 parcel with 3 cartons yesterday!

Timothy 01/12/2015

Packages received. Thank you for great service.

baglia 01/09/2015

First package arrived in 10 days, the second in 24 days. thank you.

Guadalupe M. 01/05/2015

received my complete order in record time......just wanted to let you know............thanks for your improved service.....

Shelley E. Polanco 01/03/2015

I did get the Salem 3 cartons today.

RENEE P. 12/30/2014

Yes I actually received this order today.  Thank you. I'll be placing a new order soon.

Lucy 11/14/2014

their customer service is excellent

Richard C. Slayton 11/13/2014

Some people lament about the prices of cigarettes, but with EuCheapCigs I have saved so a lot of money.

Leroy 11/09/2014

I am a very happy!

Mihael 11/06/2014

Great store.

klaju 10/31/2014

fast shipping and great cigarette taste

Barbara 10/29/2014

Thanks for cheap cigarettes

zamir 10/24/2014

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Balvia 10/18/2014

really cheap cigarettes!

omar 10/13/2014

great service

VikaM 10/09/2014

great cigarettes store, easy to order cigarettes, and fast shipping. i want to say BIG thanks to all team!

ZaGira 10/05/2014

Thanks! This is my favorite Cigarettes Store ever!

kate 09/22/2014

big thanks for help of choosing cigarettes

Lasoria 09/17/2014

cheap cigarettes and great support.

Steve 09/15/2014

People complain about the prices of cigarettes, but with I have saved my money. Great Support!

Natalie H. Auten 09/13/2014

Cheap Store. Thanks!

Artur P. 09/04/2014

I normally hate menthol cigarettes, but on this site they are amazing!

Razixa 08/28/2014

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arvinZ 08/23/2014

very good cigarettes site.

Brian Durham 08/21/2014

my favorite of all the marlboro varieties is marlboro black

Ryan 08/21/2014

Amazing cigs !! Smooth, rich taste!

Mary D 08/19/2014

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Richard 08/17/2014

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antonio 08/16/2014

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Keith 08/15/2014

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orlando 08/13/2014

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Donald A. Sanchez 08/09/2014

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Eric 08/07/2014

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Jane 08/05/2014

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Robert 08/02/2014

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David 07/28/2014

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JK Lang 07/23/2014

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Jack L. 07/15/2014

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Kardo 07/09/2014

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Mark 07/06/2014

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Karim 06/30/2014

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LTrexaN 06/24/2014

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Jasmina D. 06/19/2014

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Lottie 06/03/2014

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Trix 06/02/2014

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ProGlix 06/02/2014

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