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Brand Vogue Cigarettes
Vogue Cigarettes
Vogue Cigarettes - the beauty and stylishness of a passed era This brand has always been very famous among celebrities, politicians and TV presenters. Madonna announced that this wonderful cigarettes brand is adding something new to her style. Moreover, she referred to the glamour of the golden film era, when making a music video. The black and white music video was shot by David Fincher for Madonna's song named Vogue. He got this idea from the American traditional Hollywood cinema of the 20's and the 30's. There are many scenes with smoking gestures; although there is no obvious direction that those were namely Vogue cigarettes. Why was it shot in such a manner? The reason is quite clear: Vogue cigarettes define the same spirit and demonstrate the trendy orientation in the same civilized and lifestyle background as this hit of the '90s. Madonna only underlines the importance of Vogue cigarettes in our life. And its presence in any scenes would be only logical. Madonna's song Vogue showed many stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood: Greta Garbo - the charming woman, Marilyn Monroe - the lovely blonde, Marlene Deitrich - the famous German actresses, Rita Hayworth, Ralph Lauren, Lana Turner, beautiful Bette Davis and etc. All these eminent characters and besides that smokers, introduced a special approach towards smoking phenomenon. Vogue preserves the beauty and stylishness of a passed era. Vogue has manifested itself as the brand of the eternal memories. Incredible aroma, pleasant taste and premium quality are the sophisticated attributes that ensure the fame of Vogue cigarettes everywhere. People can’t stop buying Vogue cigarettes both online and locally. Smoking Vogue is a real pleasure anytime it is possible to take a moment for such a luxury as Vogue!