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Brand Virginia Slims Cigarettes
Virginia Slims Cigarettes
Virginia Slims Cigarettes - cigarettes for sensitive, emotional women In the US slim and super-slim cigarettes are advertized and accepted as women's cigarettes. There is no logical consequence why long, thin cigarettes should be launched only for softer sex: length by itself does not have to do anything with tobacco, aroma, nicotine content, etc. Nevertheless, other cigarettes, oriented on men, have caused similar difficulties in the past. For example, when filter cigarettes appeared in the market, they were for women; it last some time till male smokers could be convinced that a filter would not affect their manhood in the bad way. It was “safe” for them to buy Virginia Slims Cigarettes. Some people consider Virginia Slims cigarettes to be cigarettes for sensitive, emotional women. However, there was not indicated “a special edition for women" on a pack of super-slim cigarettes so far. These are only speculations. But years of statistics showed that Virginia Slims male smokers are still a minority. The only clear interpretation for this is that it is still quite complicated for men to smoke these cigarettes due to associations related to gender identity issues. South Korea is an exception from the rule, slims are a trend for everyone, both male and female smokers. It is evident that the company never seemed to worry too much about men's interest in this very range of products. The orientation was built on the female psychology. This kind of marketing strategy has both advantages and disadvantages. But it does prevent this brand from being the leading one after all. According to statistics, in the USA, Virginia Slims cigarettes doubled the number of smoking girls, but people are still not morally ready to observe a man with a purse pack. Predominance of female smoking population in North America cannot be compared to Europe, Latin America and Caribbean.