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Brand Salem Cigarettes
Salem Cigarettes
Salem Cigarettes - the last innovative and perfect approach in the menthol category manufacturing Salem brand of cigarettes is R.J. Reynolds’ masterwork to the whole smoking world that could have ever been produced. This brand, as well as Winston, was the first one to create menthol cigarettes with filter on the tip. Salem cigarettes were named after the headquarters of R.J. Reynolds. And its principal business office was named specifically Winston-Salem. These menthol cigarettes were considered to be the last innovative and perfect approach in the menthol category manufacturing. This clever method of filtering system was unprecedented till the 80's. Even today this trademark symbolizes something one-of-a-kind, something absolutely not similar to the other menthol brands. It is a new stage of menthol taste and sensation of freshness. The type of menthol used is also of great importance as it influences the flavor. Salem uses a combination of Asian menthol which is unlike the one the other brands use in the technology process. Menthol cigarettes of very high quality are made for you! This brand delivers the taste based on the demands of people - a menthol smoke that would add just enough coolness to enjoy both the tobacco and the minty notes. You will be very impressed when just smoking them for the first time. Salem cigarettes are offered in two basic varieties: Salem Menthol King Size and Salem Subtler Flavor Green. Salem Menthol King Size cigarettes are mild and relatively lighter than the Flavor Green cigarettes. There exist many other varieties which include Salem Gold 100 cigarettes, Salem Kings box, Salem Silver 100, Salem Slim 100, and etc. Salem cigarettes have a creative packaging design. Salem brand developers have modified their packaging design for a few times over a number of years, and the final result is the most alternative. Select these cool smokes from online wholesalers to enjoy your favorite cigarettes at a very obtainable price!