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Brand Rothmans Cigarettes
Rothmans Cigarettes
Rothmans Cigarettes - a very delicate flavor due to the fine mixture of tobacco sort used Rothmans cigarettes initially appeared in Fleet Street, London in 1890. Rothmans International is the company, manufacturing this brand. It was established by Louis Rothman. He founded his business and opened a small tobacco store in 1900. Some years later there was received a royal warrant from King Edward VII in the year 1905. Rothmans brand of cigarettes made a furor especially in both Europe and the United States. Its popularity promoted the brand and transformed it into one of the universally recognized brands in the early 20th Century. At the present moment, this brand is possessed by the British American Tobacco after the Rothmans International joined BAT in 1998. This brand has a very delicate flavor due to the fine mixture of tobacco sort used. Rothman cigarettes have a very nice taste and it drives everyone crazy when feeling this pure joy. Rothman is not a casual brand, intended to be used only on a regular basis. But it is a true masterpiece created for chain tobacco lovers. Rothmans are inevitable for those smokers who prefer to smoke less but tend to. This brand is for people who appreciate the value of these very cigarettes. Rothmans was actively sponsoring motorsports in the 80's and 90's. Rothmans spent money in Porsche for many years. Moreover, clever marketing strategies helped Rothman-Porsche team win the World Sports Car Championship in 1985. Rothmans have constantly been introducing different cigarettes varieties in order to be marked and kept in mind. These are: Rothmans International Cigarettes, Rothmans King Size Cigarettes, Rothmans King Size Lights Cigarettes, Rothmans Special Mild (Red) Cigarettes, Rothmans Royals 120 Cigarettes and many more. These cigarettes are affordable in catchy packs. Rothmans cigarettes with all the variants can be found at reasonable prices in different websites. Do not fritter away time when you find the ability to purchase cheap Rothman cigarettes at once! Time and money are in your hands!