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Brand Richmond Cigarettes
Richmond Cigarettes
Richmond Cigarettes - combining quality tobacco with the known, but yet so charming taste of cherries This brand has always made an impact on the recent history of tobacco industry. But its development was successful due to its extremely clever way of combining quality tobacco with the known, but yet so charming taste of cherries. When smoking these cigarettes, you can only enjoy an intensive and great combination of two various aromas: that of tobacco and the one of sweet cherries. These cigarettes really taste sweetly but a well-balanced full-flavored smoke is present. The design of these packages is the first point that is so appealing and brings them apart from other similar brands: the coloring of the packs is something you haven't ever come across before: cream, brown, gold, and red are matched in such a way that you won't be able to differentiate between one and another. The Bordeaux red color will let you think twice what this color means in reality. Richmond cigarettes have been produced with one specific aim to gift a rich and unforgettable impression. This is why they are not cheap, by the price is definitely justified by quality of the cigarettes. And if compared with the brands in the same exclusive brands classification, they are quite accessible. If you want to order them, be aware of both the varieties and prices released into the market. It is the best alternative for women to get Richmond Cherry for the start. This is a variety where sweetness is a bit stronger; men, in their turn, should try Richmond Cherry Gold, for its individuality and masculine style. The cigarettes’ style can add even more importance to your outfit in general. It is a necessary accessory for you in any situation. Just know: Richmond Cherry cigarettes are perfect for both casual and classic way of smoking, no matter where you are at the moment.