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Brand Parliament Cigarettes
Parliament Cigarettes
Parliament Cigarettes - specifying the favorite versions Here is a list, specifying the favorite versions of Parliament cigarettes. Please look through the list and explanations given. Keep in mind that both aroma and tar level may differ according to such aspects as place and method of production. You can buy any of these cigarettes online if you live in a region where international shipping is provided. Parliament Full Aroma - a full-flavor cigarette with an intensive aroma. Nevertheless, it feels softer than other similar products. Parliament Night Blue version has rather strong, but the recessed filter and the reduced level of nicotine (0.8 mg) make them taste like a light cigarette, although not being light. Parliament Aqua Blue possesses a very soft taste. It is intended for women. Parliament Superslims is a usual Parliament cigarette with, very thin one. Parliament Reserve is a perfect choice for beginners. Parliament One is created for women who do not like cigarettes with a strong tar composition: tar volume 1 mg, nicotine volume 0.1 mg. Parliament Silver Blue is a strong variety even if it only consists of 4 mg of tar. Parliament Menthol Lights is the quality ordinary, menthol Parliament cigarette. All these varieties provide a full, rich aroma that is light at the same time. Even if you change your brand, stick to another one, within some period of time, nothing can be compared to this brand. And nothing seems just as ideal as this brand of cigarettes.