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Brand Lucky Strike Cigarettes
Lucky Strike Cigarettes
Lucky Strike Cigarettes - most funny stories about this brand This brand was elaborated at the time when none expected anything new and special. In order to study its evolution deeper, we have to analyze its history. It is known that history is quite an interesting phenomenon, which is used to be repeated to be repeated from time to time. Have look at the most funny stories about this brand. There is a true relation between the name of this brand and the United States of America. The 19th century was characterized by the Golden Rush. People believed that gold meant a new beginning of life, a new era of prosperity for them. They used various methods with one clear goal: to make money. Very often finding gold was a sign of luck. When finders could get what they desired so much, they realized that they had a lucky strike. Therefore, Lucky Strike symbolizes any act of finding a buried treasure out of luck. Lucky Strike has preserved the unchanged image in the history of American cigarettes. Its logo is almost the same as at the very beginning. It is claimed that some Lucky Strike packs have marijuana joints in them. But it turned out to be an urban myth. Do not be afraid and continue smoking! Between 1930 and 1940, the significance of this brand became so great for people that the expression: “I came for a "pack of luckies"” would actually denote asking for this type of cigarettes. The manufacturers of this tobacco-product were focusing on the difference between sun-dried tobacco and toasted tobacco. This is where the original slogan derives from- "It's toasted". This brand was used for chewing tobacco before its actual promotion began. Feel the taste, which united the whole world!