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Brand L&M; Cigarettes
L&M; Cigarettes
L&M; Cigarettes - intensive enough to feel the smoking in the process The first motto of the L&M; cigarettes was "American cigarettes of the highest quality with the best filter". In the 1950s the Liggett Group was a small, unknown company if compared to the leading player it has later become. People might be puzzled what was there so intriguing that pushed the Liggett Group climb the mountain, the top in less than half a century? 1.The first thing that we come across is the taste. Americans got used to smoke harsh cigarettes with a quite boring taste. When L&M; occurred in the tobacco business, they showed a lighter taste. The great taste and new filter persuaded many smokers to start smoking this brand. The result was the best one: the breath wasn't bad anymore; there disappeared chest pains. Moreover, the taste was mild enough to enjoy a drink during smoking, but at the same time intensive enough to feel the smoking in the process. 2.Price is another alternative. L&M;'s have never been so low-cost one would wish to. But it did not prevent them from being accessible in the market. This worked out in the USA, so the manufacturers could stick to the same principle internationally. In other words, prices were affordable irrespective of shops L&M;'s were purchased. 3.Here comes an essential part of the marketing strategy: the brand itself was a key to success. After having found a decent niche in America, the Liggett Group expanded its activity, becoming an internationally renowned important cigarettes producer in the world. While performing some important modifications, the company changed everything they had before, except for the logo and its method of production. Feel the long lasting smoking pleasure with L&M; Cigarettes!