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Brand Kent Cigarettes
Kent Cigarettes
Kent Cigarettes - a real treasure for many people Some smokers start showing a tendency to certain modifications in their smoking habits. This is a simple reason why they are often looking for fashion merchandise. Kent cigarettes have become a real treasure for many people. However, there do exist some exceptions in different corners of the world when buying Kent Gold and Kent Silver varieties. It is important to remember that the former stands for extra light cigarettes (1 mg of nicotine) and the latter -for light cigarettes (4 mg of nicotine). They are an option for the ordinary cigarette - Kent Blue, 8 mg. As a rule, smokers name these three products using abbreviations: Kent 1, Kent 4, and Kent 8. You're concerned about your state of health, want to reduce the effects of nicotine and tar on your organism, but cannot give up smoking immediately, then Kent Gold or Kent Silver are the best choice for you. Kent Gold - the low volume of nicotine will guarantee you a low nicotine inhalation (although, in general, there is still a possibility) and will let you get the best from a nice cigarette. Its filter reduces the amount of smoke. The sensation of such tobacco product is like having a normal cigarette, only the effects are about 10 times less. Kent Silver - this version shows a great mixture of medium tar and nice taste. None can really realize the difference between a regular cigarette and this one, even if the latter one is two times less harmful. Its technologically advanced filter strengthens the taste but reduces the amount of smoke. To sum it up, it's vitally necessary for those ones, who like smoking in order to experience the taste and not get the toxic substances. Spice up your day or night with any type of cigarettes you decide to taste!