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Brand Gauloises Cigarettes
Gauloises Cigarettes
Gauloises Cigarettes - strong tar with an airy note One might be asking what to expect from the cigarette when you just start smoking a certain brand. The incredible taste mixture used to produce the three types of Gauloises cigarettes that you can get offered in the market is the first thing you'll experience after trying this brand. Unlike similar brands that have strong tar with an airy note, Gauloises apply a different concept: tar and nicotine are interconnected to create a pleasant smoking process. Some would subject this approach to criticism and add this is harmful for your health state; but, others would contradict saying that there's no other cigarette that goes better with whiskey than this particular one. At the very beginning, Gauloises Ultra Lights (the yellow-colored pack) have been focused entirely on women. Very quickly, this very combination proved to be effective for young men as well. The cigarette is harsh enough to provide a good tar, but yet light enough to be smoked by smokers who are not chain smokers at all. Gauloises Legeres (the red–colored pack) in their turn are a classic, regular version. People appreciate the excellent balance between the main aroma and the secondary hint notes in this cigarette and also note that, after finishing the cigarette, you become more relaxed and amiable than you were before. Gauloises Filtres represent a great interest. The blue-colored pack is absolutely flashy. You can go on smoking these cigarettes during many years and still be loyal to that particular aroma which made them famous throughout the world. Also, they have no aftertaste in your mouth, which is particularly important for a regular cigarette with a large tar and nicotine content. Please remember that there's no real interaction between the color of the pack and the strength of the cigarette. Blue means regular and red - light. Discover all the hints of the superb flavor, guaranteed by Gauloises Cigarettes.