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Brand Esse Cigarettes
Esse Cigarettes
Esse Cigarettes - peculiar characteristics promoted directly to women Many people suppose that Esse is only for female. It is only partially as it possesses some peculiar characteristics promoted directly to women. These represented characteristics are: 1.Low tar content, most versions of Esse are either lights or ultra lights (very tender). They are easy to smoke. 2.This brand is ideal for a modern, energetic and mobile woman. It adds some spicy notes to her whole appearance: smoking a long, thin cigarette with white filter. The whole process of smoking and inhalation seems to be so luxurious and elegant. 3.Consequently, the packs have an elegant design. However, this doesn't determinate Esse as a whole. There are other factors that should be noted if you want to describe this brand. The menthol variety of Esse is rather harsh (tar 6 mg, nicotine 0.6 mg). The mint is rather strong as opposed to other menthol cigarettes marketed in the market. Esse Aura Pink has been created for amusement. The manufacturers do their best to invent something useful in a flexible way enough to understand people' needs. As a result, people are fascinated by a certain item and start buying it. The same happened with Esse. Esse Aura Green Apple is liked by young people globally for its nice and incomparable taste. You don't find often cigarettes with this very aroma and in case you do, they are more expensive than the ordinary cigarette. Esse Golden Leaf has been launched namely for businesswomen who act and live quickly and who see the clear difference between a stylish cigarette and a classic one. Esse Special Gold is just exactly between lights and super lights versions. They have a tar volume of 2.5 mg, and a nicotine volume of 0.25. Thus, they are neither as strong as lights, nor as airy as the varieties that come with 1 mg of tar.