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Brand Davidoff Cigarettes
Davidoff Cigarettes
Davidoff Cigarettes - unchanged phenomenon as the key to success It has passed almost 100 years since the foundation of this versatile brand in Switzerland. If you are willing to realize what differentiates this brand from many other ones, you should study the history of this brand appearance. You will see at once a list, containing a few intriguing facts related to Davidoff cigarettes: The creator of this brand, Zino Davidoff, had his own unique view on the business transacting. His experience was focused on very different cultures: the European culture -Ukraine and Switzerland, and the South American and Cuban cultures. This individuality invented an exclusive taste. Davidoff also offers other types of tobacco goods. You can buy cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco, and many helpful accessories. There is another thing that is marked by historians and considered as an essential one in the brand development. Zino Davidoff was the first manufacturer, who formed and introduced an object to keep the moisture of the cigarette constant. The logo used for the promotion was and is the same since the beginning of this company’s activity. Experts regarded this unchanged phenomenon as the key to success. Every product of Davidoff is signed with the signature of its founder, in silver or gold tones. However, in 2006, Imperial Tobacco bought the rights for Davidoff cigarettes from Tchibo. But the rest of the company remained in possession of its original shareholders. Davidoff continues advertising its special editions of cigarettes and cigars in order to do justice and celebrate various historic dates related to the history of the company. The Cuban Davidoff line is famous in the USA. These cigars are very strong, but they remain smooth till the end. So, it is quite easy to smoke them, every whiff is enjoyed. There is another line of cigars produced by Davidoff. It was named after the initiator of the company - "Zino" - and is marketed in Europe and Canada. The peculiar design, demonstrated by Davidoff cigarettes, is one of the most elegant series of packs in the history event of tobacco industry.