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Brand Aroma Rich Cigarettes
Aroma Rich Cigarettes
Aroma Rich cigarettes are dark brown colored silky tender cigarettes with the best taste one can ever experience. This brand is fabricated by Richmond Tobacco Company. This tobacco company is headquartered in the United Kingdom. Its customer base is growing stronger day by day in more than 50 countries. Aroma Rich cigarettes are especially demanded in the East European countries and much liked in the Russian federation. This brand covers 7.5 percent of the market share in Russia. Besides Aroma Rich, the other Richmond brands are also well adopted in Russia; this includes such brands as Richmond Cigarettes, Senator Cigarettes, Redmont Cigarettes, Aroma de Habana Cigarettes, and Kiss Cigarettes. Aroma Rich cigarettes are quality cigarettes which has a slow burn. The long lasting slow burn of this tobacco product gives pleasure to the maximum. The satisfied expression on a smoker's face is clearly expressed on his faced. The way he inhales the smoke is sufficient proof of his sensuous thrill. A peculiar feature of this brand is that it has a very incomparable taste; this is connected to the very reasonable price. This fact makes this brand highly competitive in comparison to the other premium cigarettes brands, presented in the tobacco sphere. Aroma Rich cigarettes have a very good filtration system. Nearly 20 types of tobacco sorts are used to manufacture this wonderful cigarettes brand. Lets us see some of the most solicited variants of this brand are: Aroma Rich Apple, Aroma Rich Rum & Cherry, Aroma Rich Grape, Aroma Rich Apple Super Slim, Aroma Rich Rum & Cherry Super Slim, and Aroma Rich Irish Coffee. Aroma Rich Irish Coffee has an amazing taste of Irish Whisky and Coffee. This brand has also created Slim and Super Slim cigarettes for female smokers. One of the best known Super Slim variety, Aroma Rich Rum & Cherry Super Slim contain the same components like those of regular Rum & Cherry cigarettes, but they contain lower level of nicotine and tar. Each piece of this variant contains 0.5 mg of nicotine and 5 mg of tar.