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Brand 555 Cigarettes
555 Cigarettes
555 State Express is an inexpensive famous brand. Smokers from different corners of the world and of different tastes like to purchase 555 State Express as the brand provides a pleasant aroma together with an unbelievable taste of premium quality tobacco. These cigs are made by British American Tobacco. They saw the world in 1895 for the first time. Since that time they have become well-known. The country of origin of these cigs is UK. The first producer was Ardath Tobacco Co. Ltd. But in 1925 BAT (British American Tobacco) acquired the overseas producing rights of the tobacco brand. And as we have already indicated BAT is the actual producer of the cheap 555 cigarettes. They are widely used in Asian countries as well as in Eastern Europe. Discount 555 brand is also praised for its investments in motorsports. The logo of the 555 tobacco brand was glued on the cars of the Subaru World Rally Championship. Later on this fact was strongly criticized as a method of further promotion. However, its financial activity was not limited only to investments in motorsports. The brand continued sponsoring the world championship from 1993 till 2004. 555 State Express is characterized by the unique balance of flavors and tobacco that finds its way to the heart of every smoker, irrespective of its place of residence. This is just the right combination for a tobacco cigarette (nothing more and nothing less). Every cigarette has slight nutty notes. The tenderness of these cigarettes is above all the expectations. It turns them into an exclusive tobacco product which provides the most delightful tobacco smoking experience. Visit our store and check the 555 cigarettes price per carton. It is much cheaper than in the other cigarettes shops.